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Obituary of Lloyd Hanke

Lloyd Martin Hanke, Sr. passed away at Jubilee Home, Lloydminster, Saskatchewan, on Thursday, January 2, 2020 at the age of 82 years. Lloyd is survived by: his loving wife of 60 years, Fern Hanke; children, Robert (Sheila) Hanke, Wendy (Kelly) Greenhough, Lloyd Hanke, Jr., and JoAnne (Alain) Robinson; grandchildren, Ryan (Tammy) Hanke, Nicole (Mark) Hamilton, Melissa McGarry, Cody (Marlene) McGarry, Jesse Robinson, Jorde Robinson, and Michael Hanke; great-grandchildren, Alyda, Summer, Leah, Hannah, Ryan, Nickolas, Dalyce, Addison, and Hailey; his sisters, Freda and Lillian. Lloyd is predeceased by: his daughter, Tracey Lynn; parents, Adolph and Lydia Hanke; and siblings, Rudolph, Emil, Olga, Norman, Harold, Otto, Florentina "Florence", Edwatt, Anna, and Walter. The Memorial Service for Lloyd will be conducted from McCaw Funeral Chapel, Lloydminster, Alberta on Friday, January 10, 2020 at 11:00 AM. Donations in memory of Lloyd may be made to LRHF-Jubilee Home or LRHF-Lloydminster Hospital. Lloyd's memorial card can be viewed or downloaded from the link below. https://indd.adobe.com/view/19b463b5-d7ce-4493-9dcf-4c96a32fcd56 Eulogy ~ Hello my name is Rob Hanke. We have gathered here today and with our family we are so grateful that you have come to celebrate the life of Lloyd Martin Hanke. So Today we pay our final respects to Lloyd Martin Hanke or as he like to be called Rev. Lloyd Martin Hanke. Lloyd was a caricature. He seemed larger than life and acted in a way that you always knew he was there. He always had something to say like hello I am the Reverend Lloyd Martin Hanke. He was never a reverend but always told you he was, that was just part of who Lloyd was. He always had people’s attention because he was interesting and full of life. He was all about the deal and enjoyed working on a deal or being involved in it. Even when he got old and moved into the old folks home he talked about making a deal on something that was not there. It was always on his mind to sell something or buy something. He lived for the chase. He loved fishing and could go anytime. Some of my favorite memories with my father were when we would go fishing. Three generations of Hanke’s would go out fishing. Lloyd, my son Ryan, and myself would go out to the middle of nowhere and fish for a week. We never got bored even when we would not catch even a single fish. I would like to think it was about more than just fishing it was about time spent with people that you cared about and wanted to be around. These times meant a great deal to me and my son and I know Lloyd loved it more than us. I have spent a lot of time working, fishing or arguing with my father. He was my guide to life and how to live it. I believe that I would not be the man I am today with out the guidance my father gave me a long the way. He had taught me about family and the importance of being a man of you word. He was always there for his family and his family was always important to him. He was a man that everyone respected and always was there when you needed him. Lloyd loved many things in life, his wife Fern married for 60 years! His kids and especially his grandchildren & great- grandchildren. He had told me that if he would have known grandchildren were so much fun, he would have them first! Now in this time of sorrow I would like to offer you a brief look at Lloyds life. Having grown up on a farm Lloyd took his family from the big city to Lloydminster where he lived out the rest of his life. We had moved from St Albert to out in the country south of Lloydminster and at the time I along with my brother & sisters had never spent much time before in the country. But I could tell that it was where Lloyd loved to live and did so for a number for years until they had to move to Town. He had a hobby farm and on it I would tell people he had at least one of everything at one time or another. He had birds and more birds, He raised them, sold them, released them to the wild, he showed them & sometimes even ate them. We also had Llamas, sheep, goats, pigs, horses, Swans and many other animals. Having grown up on a farm he brought that to our lives, and we were better for it. Lloyd was a man of many different interests, Playing Baseball, he liked bowling and he like to be called one ball Lloyd when he bowled. He enjoyed watching hockey and football. But I think his greatest passion was pony chariot racing. With his horses Scotty & Goldie. He won trophies and did pretty well for a hobby farmer. Lloyd was a worker! I mean he like to be at work. He would go to work on his days off. He liked to be at work just in case something happened. Everyone liked him and he always had time to talk to him. He was the kind of guy you could trust and count on. He always had your back and treated people with respect. Lloyd had his own company it was called Ultra Precast and I remember one time we were sitting in the office me & my dad. This guy comes charging in and says I want to speak to the owner right now! Lloyd looked straight at him and said he’s not here! This fella calms down right away and Lloyd talked to him and everything worked out. Lloyd was the kind of guy that could talk to anyone and they seemed to like him right off. He was never too big or too little, he was the same guy all the time. Lloyd loved to dance; many of nights out Lloyd would dance - I mean he would dance all night long. He would dance with everyone. He liked to talk and he like be the center of attention. You always knew he was there! I know many of you here today have had your own special moments with Lloyd and I would like to ask you to hold on to them and remember them as a moment spent with a man that truly cared about you and what you had to say or do. I appreciate you all coming out today to remember my father, Lloyd Martin Hanke, and for giving me the opportunity to tell you a little more about him. I know he would have been honored to know how many people cared enough to attend. Thanks Lloyd Martin Hanke you can Rest in peace having lived a full life.

Memorial Service

11:00 am
Friday, January 10, 2020
McCaw Funeral Chapel
5101 - 50 Street
Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada
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