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Obituary of Elsie Veltikold

Elsie Bergliat Veltikold passed away in the Lloydminster hospital on January 6, 2024 at the age of 96.

Elsie is survived by: grandchildren, Craig (Stacey) Robertson, Loni Robertson, Erik Veltikold, Sara (Marc) Christie; great-grandchildren, Emily, Megan, Morgan, Ella, Hudson, Jude and Kellan; sister, Millie Jeffery; sister-in-law, Evelyn Haug; daughter-in-law, Gina Veltikold; son-in-law, Keith Robertson; and numerous nieces and nephews.

Elsie was predeceased by: husband, Lloyd Veltikold; son, Jody Veltikold; daughter, Chris Robertson; sister, Toril (Homer) Veltikold, brother, Roy Haug; and brother-in-law, Blair Jeffery.


A Graveside Service will be held at 11:00 AM, Friday, May 17, 2024 at Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Dina District.  Please bring your own lawn chair.

Donations in memory of Elsie may be made to a Canadian Cancer Society or Zion Lutheran Church.



Obituary for Elsie Veltikold Prepared by nephew, Neil Veltikold


Elsie was born March 23, 1927 in Kongsberg Norway to Halfdan and Jenny Damtjernhaug.

In 1928 the family, including her sister Toril, immigrated to Canada via ship.  They landed in Halifax and then took the long train ride across Canada to Chauvin, from there they went by wagon to their homestead in the Dina district.  It was here that their family name got unofficially changed from Damtjernhaug to Haug as the local postmaster had trouble pronouncing it.  Elsie and Toril were joined by a sister Millie in 1932 and a brother Roy in 1934.  Elsie grew up on the farm during the tough times of the 1930s and WWII years.  Elsie attended grade school at Park Valley 1 mile north of the farm.  After school Elsie attended Vermilion College where she took Home Economics, following her education she worked as a housekeeper for some local farmers and at a flower shop.  Elsie always loved flowers, except for roses, this came from working at the flower shop, the smell of roses became not an enjoyable smell for her.  Later Elsie began to make bouquets and corsages out of artificial flowers for weddings, grads and other events. 


Elsie started dating Lloyd Veltikold in 1946, after her sister Toril and Lloyd’s brother Homer’s wedding where she was bridesmaid and Lloyd was best man.  They were then married in 1948.  In 1949 their son Jody was born followed by a daughter Chris in 1951.  They raised their children on the farm and loved having them come out to visit after they had grown up and left the farm to raise their families.


In 2000 Lloyd required more care so they moved to Lloydminster.  Lloyd passed away in 2006, Elsie continued to live in the condo in Lloydminster.  In 2013 Elsie moved into the Pioneer Lodge and in 2020

she made the transition to the Pioneer House. She truly loved visits from her grandchildren, great grandchildren, family, friends and neighbors.  Elsie passed away peacefully after being admitted to the Lloydminster hospital on Jan 6, 2024.


Elsie was very proud of her Norwegian heritage and continued with many traditions such as Lefsa, Flatbread and Krumkake these were always Christmas treats.  Fresh baked buns and Butter tarts were always a favorite treat that Elsie perfected.  Meals at Elsie’s house were always a delight.  


In 1978 Elsie returned to Norway with her Mother Jenny, Toril and Millie.  In 2004 she returned for her second time with Chris, Loni and Millie, she treasured these trips and enjoyed the memories that were made.


When it came to sewing Elsie was a master, she made many dresses for weddings and grads she also made lots of dance costumes. Alterations were done for many people and were a big part of her sewing skills as well.

Elsie also was known for her upholstery skills for furniture and vehicles.  Other hobbies that she did were knitting and crocheting which she did right to the last of her days.  I can’t even imagine how many jelly fish she crocheted for people in the last year.


Elsie and Lloyd enjoyed many camping trips to the lake and the mountains with family and friends.  We were fortunate enough to have them join us on a couple of trips to Kananaskis where Elsie introduced us to a whole new level of camping cuisine which we still enjoy to this day.  There were many years spent attending and camping at the Wainwright Stampede and other rodeos.  They also attended the CFR finals in Edmonton for 25 years.


We all have fond memories of the skating parties on the slough, toboggan parties in the coulee and hayrides both in the summer and winter followed by wonderful treats prepared for all of us after. 


Elsie was an avid curler she participated in a lot of bonspiels in the area along with Toril Veltikold, Joyce Veltikold, Evelyn Haug and Nora Nicholson.  There were many trophies and prizes won and lots of entertaining stories that were shared as a result of these good times.


Another of Elsie’s passions was playing games, puzzles and especially crossword puzzles.  Elsie was very knowledgeable, she read a lot, she loved reading the newspaper, reading books and had a great love of learning. This was proven as later in life as she learned how to speak Spanish and she already spoke and wrote Norwegian.   The joke in our house was that if we were ever on a game show, she would be our first phone a friend contact.  Life lesson learned in our house was that never question what she told you she would prove you wrong many times over.  It was a blessing for her and all of us that her mind was very clear and sharp up to the end of her life.


Elsie was a beautiful, kind, strong and determined person, after losing her husband and both children and after 6 surgeries to repair her knee she still had a strong will to live and a positive attitude.  We loved visiting with her and going through old pictures, she knew the people and usually a story as to where the picture was taken.


After my Mom passed away Elsie silently took over as a Mother to her nephews and more importantly, she became Grandmother to our children.  Our children still treasure the many things she made them over the years and there was an unconditional love between them.


Elsie will always hold a special place in our hearts.  She was a wonderful lady and we will truly miss you!

Rest in peace beautiful lady.


Memories From Gina


Elsie, I called her my second mom, was one of those mother in laws that a daughter in law hopes for.


I met Elsie 2 years before I met Jody when I was a bridesmaid for a school friend and Elsie made my bridesmaid dress.  Little did we know that in 2 short years she would be my mother-in-law and make my wedding dress, cap and veil, she would also make all the bridesmaids and flower girl dresses.  When Jody and I were first married and living in Grande Cache she knit us matching Norwegian sweaters.  Lloyd and Elsie loved coming to Grande Cache to visit us and see the mountains, they would usually come out twice a year.  It was on these camping trips that Elsie taught me to wear a hat to keep the ticks out my hair.



I was fortunate to have the opportunity to have her tasty cooking.  I was also in awe how at harvest time she could plan a full course meal and a frying pan dessert to take out to the field.


I learned a lot about Norway and Norwegian traditions that she loved to teach us.  Uffda was a well-known Norwegian phrase used a lot in her supervising of the Lefse making at Christmas.  Elsie was always an integral part of the cooking of the Lefse and later she wore the hat of the supervisor, but always still had to roll out a couple of pieces.


In her senior years she earned her GED l always thought this was a great feat for her.  For this occasion, I gave her a graduation statue complete with cap and gown and diploma.


Elsie always lit up when family came to the farm for a visit, we had many memorable weekends with them.  Jody loved going back to the farm as “you can take the boy off the farm but you can’t take the farm out of the boy” I know Elsie felt the same way when she moved into town.


Elsie was a strong woman even through the loss of her entire family but remained an honoured Matriarch until her passing.



Sara’s memories


Grandma made the most delicious buns and I was always amazed how fast she could whip up a batch that was perfectly round and even.  Crunchy peanut butter on homemade buns was a fond bedtime snack during sleepovers at the farm.  Enjoying Grandpa’s freshly caught fish in Grandma’s delicious fish batter was another fond memory of her delicious cooking.  Later on, her cream puffs were a crowd favorite.


I have many fond memories of camping with Grandma and Grandpa at the lake and other events like the Wainwright Stampede.  I remember watching them in the parade, riding in the wagon behind their beautiful Percheron horses they were so proud of.


Grandma was an amazing seamstress and it seemed like there wasn’t anything she couldn’t sew.  Everything from dance costumes, bridesmaid dresses and even stuffed toys like pound puppies and teddy bears.  One year she made each grandchild our own special teddy bear with their own unique outfits.  Grandmas’ sewing room was huge and full of material.  When hair scrunchies were popular she taught Loni and I how to make them and we made what seemed like an endless supply in every kind of pattern/colour.  Later on, when Grandma replaced sewing with knitting and crocheting, she made the great grandsons special gifts of sweaters and made each their own unique crocheted jelly fish.


Grandma loved listening to orchestra music and we enjoyed taking her to all kinds of live performances.  Some shows were of her own grandchildren and great grandchildren playing in school band concerts.  We also took her to some professional performances such as the Nutcracker and Lion King.  These past few years she was privileged to receive private performances by her great grandsons when Hudson and Jude would come to visit and play her the tenor sax and trumpet.


Grandma loved games that were strategic and kept her thinking and she always had a crossword puzzle on the go nearby.  She was a professional crossword puzzler if I have ever seen one.  We played many games of tri-ominos together over the years and she usually won.


Grandma loved nature and fresh flowers always made her light up.  Family history and sharing our Norwegian heritage was very important to her and she loved passing it on to us.  Grandma taught me some funny Norwegian phrases.


She was a gentle, kind and loving Grandma and Great Grandma and will be dearly missed.


Memories from Stacey


Craig and I would go over to Elsie’s condo when we were dating and after we were married to enjoy supper with her, there was never the same meal served twice.  The food was always delicious and entirely different from anything I would have at home.  I still have one or two of her recipes.


I remember making Krumkake with her at the condo, I swear that her hands must have been forged like a blacksmith’s hands, I could barely touch the hot Krumkake trying to form them into a cone she would be forming the shapes quickly and with ease as if the heat didn’t bother her.


Memories from Loni


Grandma sewed so many outfits for me, from regular clothes to dance costumes and special events.   She taught me to sew, which I do now for my girls and nieces.  I also helped her make her famous buns which I continue to make.  I also remember a half cup of cold coffee somewhere in the house that always belonged to her.


Memories from Erik


My fondest memories of Grandma are Saturday morning waking up on the farm where she always served me Special K with half cream and half milk, Mom would never allow normally.  Her Puff the Magic Dragon costume that she made me, because I had the lead role in my grade 6 play, no one could believe it was homemade.  My first 2 snowboarding jackets I helped her custom design complete with Burton patches everyone thought they were boughten not homemade.  Grandma would let me drive the riding lawn mower when I wanted to go find Grandpa and Dad in the field.  She truly was the best Grandma ever.  I can’t believe Grandma, Grandpa, Dad and Chris are all gone, life is not fair sometimes.







Graveside Service

11:00 am
Friday, May 17, 2024
Zion Lutheran Cemetery
Dina District
Dina District, Alberta, Canada
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